March 24, 2021

Why Your Podcast Needs A Website: 5 Reasons You Need To Know

Why Your Podcast Needs a Website: 5 Reasons You Need To Know

A podcast is an episodic series of audio files that people can download and stream on their own. It usually involves a host who gets into detailed conversations with his guests about certain topics or their lives. Podcasts have gained popularity because they allow you to multitask. You can be driving in your car or cooking in your kitchen but still, listen to your favorite celebrity talk about an important issue on a podcast.

Due to audiences' massive popularity and interest in the podcast culture, the podcast host needs to have a website of his own. That website should be all about the podcasts he creates. In fact, after getting it done with the website building, you as a host can also seek help from an SEO consultancy so that they manage to keep you up in the Google searches and make your website noticeable for a lot of people.

Listed below are the five essential reasons why your podcast certainly needs a website:

1. Increases audience 

With so many podcasters available on the internet, it is extremely difficult to make your immediate mark. No matter how deeply informational your podcast might be, it always got a chance of becoming underrated., it is essentially important to have your website for the podcast. It will allow you to gather more traffic, and more people will be able to see your work without getting distracted by others.

If a person discovers your website, he will easily link other people to it, bringing a spike to your audience.

2. Provides space for an easily accessible archive

If you are uploading your podcasts on several different platforms, it can get easily lost. If any of your listeners want to see your previous work, he will have to go through any hassle to get access to it which might convince him to drop the idea. A website is necessary. To prevent that from happening, you can create a well-organized archive of all of your podcasts on your website.

It will then be easily accessible to the audiences, and they will be able to see your old work whenever they want to.

3. Easy to engage with your audience

It becomes difficult to keep a connected relationship with your listeners when you upload podcasts on various platforms where the audience is also quite varied. However, if you have a website for your podcast, it will become incredibly easy to engage with your audience. You can create a contact form that they can fill for their queries and suggestions. You can collect the emails of your listeners and keep them updated about all of your upcoming work. This will help you keep track of who wants to listen to you and save you a lot of time.

4. Builds a community

Instead of dividing your listeners into several different platforms, a podcast website brings all of them under one roof. They can engage with you and each other through comments and get to know each other as well. With a website, you will build up a community by uniting all the people interested in listening to you and your guests on the different topics you highlight.

You will not have to jump from one platform to another to know what people think about you. It will become easier to interact with your people and realize what they want to hear the most.

5. Helps in earning more money

Last but not the least, a website of your own will help you earn a lot more money than you can earn if you upload your stuff on many different platforms. This is because you will have to pay them for all your promotional activities, and with so many podcasters on those platforms, you will have a small room to grow. However, with a website, you will also be able to create and send e-books, introduce membership cards, and with the inflow of heavy traffic to it, you will consequently be able to make more money.

Conclusively, podcasts need an hour to bridge gaps between people and bring up healthy conversations. However, to let as many people hear those podcasts, podcasters must seek help to create their websites.